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BUCK "Among Your Fears" LP
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping
BUCK "Among Your Fears" LP BR253

BUCK is a rough energy wrenched from a rude & granitic land. No lace, no math, no postures nor hype. They hit the bass, they kick the drum. A bass, a drum, from time to time a saxophone, from time to time an organ but no guitar. Fuck The Guitar Player. Nothing to envy to Morphine, Nick Cave, Tom Waits or MotörHead, they do the job.
After a first live album dumped like you throw oil on fire to stimulate debate, BUCK come back with their first studio album, showing the extense of their competences. The tempo slows down to reach deeper, the voice polishes a bit. We travel, we don’t stand still. There’s nothin obvious but everything is simple and true. And rough.

Get the 1rst Buck album here!

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 June 2019 )
GIL RIOT "Whisky On Your Wounds" LP
Gil Riot
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping

CD Digipack / Shipping
GIL RIOT "Whisky On Your Wounds" LP/CD BR274

The living legend Gil Riot (Orville Brody & Goodfellas solo guitar) comes with a brand new solo album which is going to make Steve Earle, Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt fans more than happy!

Whisky On Your Wounds is proudly co-released with Ido Spectacles.

Gi Riot previous albums:
Felicity Road BR173CD
Letter From Lucifer BR267CD (Gil Riot and Wolfoni)

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 June 2019 )
BURN IN HELL "A Comedy of Horrors" Gatefold LP
Burn In Hell
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping
BURN IN HELL "A Comedy of Horrors" Gatefold LP BR281

A Come of Horrors is Burn in Hell's 4th album out on Beast Records!
Grab your copy before it's too late!

Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 April 2019 )
THE KILL DEVIL HILLS "Past and Future Ghosts" LP
The Kill Devil Hills
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping
THE KILL DEVIL HILLS "Past and Future Ghosts" LP BR280

The Kill Devil Hills is a multi-award-winning West Australian 5-piece rock band formed in 2003.
The diverse textures of the band’s sound ranges from mournful heart-heavy ballads to screeching, visceral jungle punk.
"Past and Future Ghosts" was recorded live in March 2013 at the Fremantle Arts Centre. The album contained songs from their first three albums "Heathen Songs", "The Drought" and "Man, You Should Explode".

Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 April 2019 )
THE FLOORS "Come Unstuck" LP
The Floors
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping
THE FLOORS "Come Unstuck" LP BR279

The Floors rank among the best live performers Perth has produced in a decade. Having cemented their place as song-writers with their cracking debut album, Dead Beat, the trio have produced a sound so smoke-inducing The Music called them “near flawless” surely a reference to the sheer blackness of their blues. But it is not just this sonic bombardment that gives The Floors their power. For all of the volume and fuzz, The Floors are merely amplifying the original and most primal spirit of the blues. Something akin to the heart of a classic Delta bluesman residing in an electrified world where amplifiers go to 11.
The Floors are the Dux brothers - who play not only with The Floors but also with Kill Devil Hills, Timothy Nelson And The Infidels and Will Stoker And The Embers – took home West Australian Music Industry Awards (WAMI) for Best Guitarist and Best Bassist respectively, in both 2009 and 2010, all based on the strength of live performance. Together with Ash on the drums, The Floors are “here to build, destroy and fuck.”
“Come Unstuck” is their new 12” out on Beast Records. It sounds like a steam train through your chest, a collection of inward-looking, outwardly rockin' tunes jammed full of fiery riffs, powerful bass and relentless drum lines.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 April 2019 )
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