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TALLY HO! "Adam's Asthma" LP
Tally Ho!
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping
TALLY HO! "Adam's Athma" LP BR265

Tally-ho is a very old traditional cry made by the huntsman to tell others the quarry has been sighted. It’s also a band from Rennes, France. Think about Pavement and Parquet Courts, you’ve got the deal. Instead of letting the dogs loose on the songs, Tally Ho! dominate the electric horses, pulling on the bridle of controlled rhythms and stroking them with pure tunes.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 August 2018 )
WHODUNIT "Memories From a Shit Hole" LP / CD
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping

CD Digipack / Shipping
WHODUNIT "Memories From a Shit Hole" LP / CD BR264

“Memories From a Sh*t Hole” is the Whodunit’s 4th album.
Recorded and produced by Jim Diamond himself!
13 songs full of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Lux Interior’s ghosts as well as The New Christs, Nomads, James Leg and Tow Wait’s influences.
Garage anthems, pure punk songs, tortured boogie blues tunes, that’s Whodunit!

Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 August 2018 )
Digger and The Pussycats


Beast Records are proud to reissue "Watch Yr Back" (initialy released on P Trash Rds in 2005)!
Do you really need to know a bit more about Digger and The Pussycats?

The band started as a bit of a joke, a way to pass time after their previous band Fort Mary split up, and to allow Sam and Andy to continue playing shows around their home city of Melbourne while searching for a new bass player. The first few shows saw the band playing a mix of original songs and covers, with audiences taking a warming to the crazy and most-often shambolic live shows, and eventually led to a strong following in Melbourne. In late 2003 Digger & The Pussycats signed to Melbourne’s Spooky Records, home of The Beasts Of Bourbon, Spencer P Jones, Hugo Race, The Devastations and The Drones, releasing their debut album “Young, Tight and Alright” in November of that year (also reissued on Beast Rds in 2009).

Upon releasing this album the band began touring extensively through Australia, and by mid-2004 Digger & The Pussycats had completed their first full European/UK tour. Further national Australian tours followed, as well as a week of shows in New Zealand before the band recorded and released their second album “Watch Yr Back” early in 2005. Following a national tour, Digger & The Pussycats once again packed their bags for a European tour which began in May 2005. With interest coming from all corners of the continent, it wasn’t until November 2005 that the tour came to an end, having included more than 80 shows in thirteen different countries.

Thanks to Beast Records "Watch Yr Back" is no more sold out and available again on vinyl!
Last Updated ( Friday, 07 December 2018 )
Mr AIRPLANE MAN Compilation LP / Digipack CD
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping

CD Digipack / Shipping
Mr AIRPLANE MAN Compilation LP BR260 / Digipack CD BR260CD

Hard to grab an original vinyl album of Mr Airplane Man out on Sympathy For The Records Industry back in the days, right?

Beast Records are hopefully here to release this must have compilation including tunes from Mr Airplane Man first self-titled LP, “Moanin’” (SFTRI, 2002), “C’Mon DJ” (SFTRI, 2004) and so on.

AVAILABLE IN JULY 2018! Pre-order your copy now!

Vinyl tracklisting:
A1 Red Light
A2 Shakin’ Around
A3 Up in the Room
A4 Wait For Your Love
A5 Don’t Know Why
B1 Like That
B2 Sun Sinking Low
B3 Moanin’
B4 C’mon DJ
B5 Jesus on the Mainline
B6 Very Bad Feeling
B7 How Long
Last Updated ( Saturday, 04 August 2018 )
Mr AIRPLANE MAN "Jacaranda Blue" LP
Mr Airplane Man
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping
Mr AIRPLANE MAN "Jacaranda Blue" LP BR258 Exclusive European Release!

After a 13-year break from the road, the legendary two-woman garage Blues combo MR. AIRPLANE MAN is back with their sexiest, most sublime, soul-bending grooves yet brand new long-player, JACARANDA BLUE.

Recorded in a magical shack right on the beach north of San Francisco JACARANDA BLUE is full of ocean California sunshine and MR. AIRPLANE MAN's unique dark sounds. The first song explodes on the A-side with the crackling ALAN VEGA slash JOHN LEE HOOKER inspired freak-out of Blues and lust "I'm In Love" and weaves through MORPHINE-ish atmospheres, swampy DR. JOHN type hoodoo, dark JESSE MAE HEMPHILL inspired trance Blues and dance floor Soul rockers.

Deep Blues and garage Punk fans will delight in this latest adult dose of sex and magic conjured from earthly rhythms and ethereal desire. MR. AIRPLANE MAN is back, and more powerful than ever before.

Available in the USA on Sympathy For The Record Industry, Beast Records make “Jacaranda Blue” available for Europe. The album comes with a different sleeve as well as a slightly different tracklisting.
Last Updated ( Friday, 15 June 2018 )
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