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Kaviar Special
12" LP vinyl / Shipping

Kaviar Special it's an album hailed by the press in 2013, an EP in the summer of 2015 and an avalanche of live performances.
Since their first album, the quartet from Rennes (France) has gone upmarket: 4 European tours, a notable performance at Rennes Transmusicales allowed the group to settle permanently as one of the top of the list of the increasingly dynamic French rock Garage scene.
Very wisely illustrated by Belgian Elzo Durt, this new album simply titled #2 and recorded in Cocoon studio in Rennes turned a corner by taking a richer and more controlled production. The group reveals more varied influences and makes a large gap between unbridled pop, nervous garage rock and brutal dark psychedelia. Fuzz invasion, surf guitars, reverberated and danceable mid-tempo tunes, the perfect mix!

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CHOUETTE 'You Don't Know Why You Run' LP
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
CHOUETTE 'You Don't Know Why You Run' LP BR202

Chouette is one of the best young French band from the plethoric Rennes stage.
‘You Don’t Know Why Your Run’ is their debut album and it’s damn good: 10 pure psyche-garage-blues-country-folk tunes!
Think Captain Beefheart meets Thee Oh Sees and you’ve got the perfect deal!

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WEIRD OMEN 'A Breakfast Before Chaos With' LP / CD
Weird Omen

CD / Shipping
WEIRD OMEN 'A Breakfast Before Chaos With' LP / CD BR204

Beast Records is proud to co-produce this new Weird Omen album with Get Hip Recordings! Weird Omen is one of the wildest French garage-psych-rock trio lost somewhere between the Cramps and the Kinks spitting a unique blend of primitive garage full of reverb and fuzz.
Weird as strange. Strange, as their universe borrows just as much from a world of the crazy 50′s galaxy as from the British pop craze. Strange, as their line up is composed of guitar, saxophone, drums and three vocals.
Omen as the forerunner. The forerunner of trance garage with these three musicians stemming from diverse and recognized bands (King Khan & the Shrines, Bee Dee Kay & the Roller Coaster, Lost Communists, Limiñanas, We Are Not Indians, Escobar, Anomalys…).


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STOP II 'From Rust To Dust' LP
STOP II 'From Rust To Dust' LP BR205

STOP II is willingly a part of the last twenty years’s country and blues music.
Their sound is wild, lo-fi and filthy.
This french duet coming from Bordeaux secretes adulterated tunes in all simplicity, with a plowing tractor’s efficiency and accuracy. The final result smells like hops, red hot embers and dirty oil marks.

STOP II s’inscrit volontiers dans le revival de la musique country et blues de ces vingt dernières années.
Leur son est sauvage, lo-fi et crasseux, dans la lignée de Doo Rag ou encore Scott H. Biram.
Le duo bordelais distille en toute simplicité une musique frelatée, avec l'efficacité et la précision d'un tracteur en plein labour. Le résultat obtenu fleure bon le houblon, la braise incandescente et les taches de cambouis.

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DIRTY DEEP 'What's Flowin' In My Veins' LP/CD
DIRTY DEEP 'What's Flowin' In My Veins' LP/CD BR206

Initially a one man band from France, Dirty Deep is now a power blues trio in the same vein than Left Lane Cruiser and Black Diamond Heavies.
“What’s Flowin’ In My Veins” is a gritty release that should ideally be heard in company, with a stack of beers and smokes close to hand – it’s just that sort of record. Simple and to the point, Dirty Deep gets at the spirit of rock and roll and makes us face the terrors of a forgotten world.

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