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STOP II 'From Rust To Dust' LP
STOP II 'From Rust To Dust' LP BR205

STOP II is willingly a part of the last twenty years’s country and blues music.
Their sound is wild, lo-fi and filthy.
This french duet coming from Bordeaux secretes adulterated tunes in all simplicity, with a plowing tractor’s efficiency and accuracy. The final result smells like hops, red hot embers and dirty oil marks.

STOP II s’inscrit volontiers dans le revival de la musique country et blues de ces vingt dernières années.
Leur son est sauvage, lo-fi et crasseux, dans la lignée de Doo Rag ou encore Scott H. Biram.
Le duo bordelais distille en toute simplicité une musique frelatée, avec l'efficacité et la précision d'un tracteur en plein labour. Le résultat obtenu fleure bon le houblon, la braise incandescente et les taches de cambouis.

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DIRTY DEEP 'What's Flowin' In My Veins' LP/CD
DIRTY DEEP 'What's Flowin' In My Veins' LP/CD BR206

Initially a one man band from France, Dirty Deep is now a power blues trio in the same vein than Left Lane Cruiser and Black Diamond Heavies.
“What’s Flowin’ In My Veins” is a gritty release that should ideally be heard in company, with a stack of beers and smokes close to hand – it’s just that sort of record. Simple and to the point, Dirty Deep gets at the spirit of rock and roll and makes us face the terrors of a forgotten world.

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SAPIN 'Smell Of A Prick' LP
Smell Like A Prick
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
SAPIN 'Smell Of A Prick' LP BR203

Two years after their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Wrong Way’ Sapin are back with ‘Smell Of A Prick’.
They’re still the best in their fresh and unique country-garage-surf-pop style: fun and energy guaranteed!

Last Updated ( Friday, 13 May 2016 )
The Sleepwalkerz
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping

The Sleepwalkerz release their first album, mixing rockabilly, punk rock and country to make an eclectic and original rock'n'roll.
The four members of this french band, Sleeper Bill, Tramber, Antho and Cédric have many different influences, from Johnny Cash to the Meteors...
Sit in your rocking chair, take a glass of Jack Daniels, and above all, listen to it very very loud!

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GRAVEL ROUTE 'Electrically Recorded' LP
Gravel Route
12" LP vinyl / Shipping
GRAVEL ROUTE 'Electrically Recorded' LP BR193

Coming from the "Far East" of Montreal, Gravel Route is a psyche-blues trio founded by Patrick Bourbonnais (guitar and vocals), accompanied by Fred Grenier on bass and Brian Hildebrand on drums. Inveterate musicians furrowing the roads of America and Europe as members of Demon's Claws, Chocolat, Chelsea Beat, Primitive Hand, Hard Bop Mtl 5, Broke Down Engine… they multiplied albums and 45s appeared on labels such as In the Red, Sub Pop, Telephone Explosion, Rob's House, Hook or Crook, P-Trash, Norton and so on.
They now deliver "Electrically Recorded", the first Gravel Route album, published by the prestigious Beast Records, whose dirty sounds plunge you directly into the south of the American Deep blues of the 20's, all decorated with psychedelic touches. Moreover some covers of revisited classics from the Delta, "Electrically Recorded" adds some nice original pieces of trashy folk. It also includes outstanding contributions, like Martin Dupras (Scat Rag Boosters) on harmonica and Indian Shruti. Recorded by Patrick Bourbonnais and Peperino Studio, mixed by Émile Beaudin and David Leclerc wallet, this disc is already essential for any good garage addict.
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