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BEAST RDS 12'' / 33T
SAPIN "Dark is The Night, On is The Party" LP
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
SAPIN "Dark is The Night, On is The Party" LP BR239
ESCOBAR "The Biggest Sound" LP
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
ESCOBAR "The Biggest Sound" LP BR243

Just one year after the release of their album "Bird of Prey", a rich year of touring, it is the release in Europe and the USA of their 3rd album "The Biggest Sound". We are proud to present ESCOBAR. It is a duet formed by Rémi (of Weird'Omen / Anomalys) and Charly (of the mythical band of the 90s The Bushmen / Daria). ESCOBAR rings the era of the return of Lo-Fi, the Grunge !!!
"Wild and frenetic on stage, swing a punk electrified grunge garage and songs that remain in the head".
In any case, experts in the field, Heatwave, Mowno or even Still In Rock agree that the band has experience of its influences and rewards to the minimalist, minimalist, a Rock'n'Roll Without concession and without plagiarism!

The Toxics
12" vinyl LP / Shipping

”What we do is a secret, what we do is a hoax,” sings The Toxics on their debut album. There were no secrets or hoaxes in the making of the album but there were a lot of changes.
The Toxics is the love child of the singer Jens Hortling and the guitarist Ilkka Luttinen. It had always been a trio playing primitive garage rock. But in the years 2016 and 2017 the band had to reinvent itself. First they drafted a new guitarist Juha Laine and then they started to make a record. The sound of that record would be different from the old Toxics and not only because they brought a bass to the line up.
The first album has escaped from the garage towards more nuanced spaces. There’s pub rock, power pop and influences from 1960’s garage rock. Hortling’s voice and Luttinen’s guitar are recognizable but other than that the band sounds new.
In the year 2017 The Toxics have five members. Hortling sings, Luttinen and Laine play guitar, Ari-Pekka Heinola is on bass and Riku Korhonen on drums.
The song on which they sing about secrets and hoaxes is called: Secret. The Toxics may have stumbled but they never fell. They believe in the power of rock.
Mastered by Tim Warren.

SLEEPER BILL & Mr TOF "s/t" LP / digipack CD
Sleeper Bill & Mr Tof
12" vinyl LP / Shipping

CD / Shipping
SLEEPER BILL & Mr TOF "s/t" LP BR230 / digipack CD

Acoustic duo, Sleeper Bill (singer/ guitarist of Sleepwalkerz) and Mr Tof (upright bass for Hudson Maker) blend folk, blues, rockabilly and country to create a magnetic live show of original music.
The two friends came together in 2015 with a mutual love of Americana, influenced by heavyweights Johnny Cash, Hank III and Bob Wayne, which shines through their vintage sound.
They recruited the beautiful Mylène in 2016 on the musical saw and washboard, adding to their twang and continuing to present their own catchy rhythms and melodies with tales of heartache and loneliness.

Debut LP out in july 2017!

James McCann
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
JAMES McCANN & THE NEW VINDICTIVES "Gotta Lotta Move - Boom!" LP BR229

James McCann’s latest album with the New Vindictives, Gotta Lotta Move - Boom!, released on vinyl on French label Beast Records and on CD on Off the Hip, sees McCann return to the punk rock roots that inspired him as a teenager. Featuring a co-write with Penny Ikinger (I Can Control Your Mind) and a cover of Spencer P JonesLife in Jail, Gotta Love Move - Boom! is nine doses of punk-spiked rock’n’roll guaranteed to kick you into excitement.  This is a record awash with the punk attitude of the Sex Pistols, the rhythmic brutality of Feedtime and the leather-clad rock’n’roll passion of Motörhead.
Out in september 2017!

Check James McCann & The New Vindictives debut LP too!
As well as James McCann's Dirty Skirt Band "Lost Property" here ;
And James McCann "Bound for the Blues" masterpiece here!

La Bastard
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
LA BASTARD "Trouble" LP BR234

Melbourne’s soul-surf garage party animals La Bastard return with their long awaited third
studio album, Trouble.
Recorded at Soundpark Studios in Melbourne with Andrew “Idge” Hehir (Swedish Magazines,
Dave Graney, Darling Downs) and mixed by Sam Lowe (Eaten By Dogs), Trouble is La
Bastard’s most realised work to date. A more personal, soul influenced affair, the band adds
richness to their tight four-piece sound with complex arrangements and guest performances
from a range of Melbourne’s most talented musicians.
Featuring guest performances from Chris Russell (Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk), Joe Cope
(Big Smoke), Zoe K, Kate Alexander (Junk Horses, Ute Root), Rich Davies and many more!
Trouble is out July 2017 on Melbourne’s Cobra Snake Necktie records and France’s Beast
on vinyl LP and CD.

Walter Daniels & Jesus & The Groupies
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
WALTER DANIELS & JESUS & THE GROUPIES "Weapons Nature Provided" LP BR226

Jesus & The Groupies are a stripped down duo that use the Delta blues & punk music as part of the recipe that brings some serious electric boogie to the stage and to their recordings. Formed by Marco Butcher (vocals, guitars & drums) and Luis Tissot (guitars, drums & loops), Jesus & The Groupies have released a bunch of singles from various European labels as well as two previous albums: "Black Heart Industry" and "Hot Chicks & Bad DJs".  For "Weapons Nature Provided," their blazing third album, the duo decided to take it a step further and invite the punk master of blues, the boss of a unique harmonica and singing style, the legendary Walter Daniels to get on board! Adding their magic touch along the way, "Weapons Nature Provided" was blessed with a dream team cast of artists: Texacalla Jones (Tex & The Horseheads), Mike Mariconda (Devil Dogs & Raunch Hands),  Chet Weise (The Immortal Lee County Killers), plus Gary Lindsey, Greg Justus, and David Duet. This jaw-dropping ensemble brings you a dangerous, slick, and controversial,  boogie supreme slice of wax  that will provide some swank and swagger to your stereo.

"Weapons Nature Provided" brings the party your hips deserve. Highly recommended for DJs and greasers, rockers and dancers.

Get Yours!
Out in september 2017!

SIXFTHICK "Canetrash" LP
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
SIXFTHICK "Canetrash" LP BR236

Canetrash for the first time on vinyl!
500 copies only, grab yours before it's too late!

Out in july 2017.

THE BLUES AGAINST YOUTH "Good Morning Bad Feeling" 10"
The Blues Against Youth 10
10" vinyl LP / Shipping
THE BLUES AGAINST YOUTH "Good Morning Bad Feeling" 10" BR235

The Blues Against Youth lastest effort “Good Morning Bad Feeling / Deprecation Road” 10” is out on a great 10" Beast Records!

The Skeptics
12" vinyl LP / Shipping

Though the first (solo) recordings were done in 2008, the Skeptics started playing live shows in June 2011. They are now celebrating their six years as a band with their new self-titled record, and fourth album, out on Beast and Juvenile Delinquent Records. The nine tracks filling the gap between ‘Fuzz Punk’ and ‘Heavy Garage’ have come a long way from the Revival kind of sound of their first efforts. The overall sound here is more contemporary, with the bass heavier and the fuzz thicker. This LP, recorded by none other than the master, Lo’ Spider, and housed in a sleeve designed by Hélène Jeudy will please both the Spits’ fanatics and the early-Dead Meadow lovers.

Si les premiers enregistrements (en solo) datent de 2008, c’est en juin 2011 qu’ont lieu les premiers concerts des Skeptics, ils célèbrent donc leur sixième anniversaire avec la sortie de ce nouvel album éponyme, le quatrième, chez Beast et Juvenile Delinquent Records. Neuf titres entre ‘Fuzz Punk’ et ‘Heavy Garage’ assez éloignés du son typiquement Revival des débuts. L’approche est plus contemporaine, la basse est plus présente, la Fuzz toujours aussi imposante, et puisqu’il est de bon ton de faire des comparaisons, ce disque enregistré chez le maître Lo’ Spider et emballé par Hélène Jeudy satisfera aussi bien les fanatiques des Spits que les amoureux du early Dead Meadow.
LE MAMØØTH "Brest Baywatch" LP
Le Mamooth
LE MAMØØTH "Brest Baywatch" LP BR232

Le Mamøøth, the deviant beast of the breton garage scene presents «Brest Baywatch ». A first album violent like David Hasselhoff’s high kick and more vicious than Pamela Anderson’s botoxed smile. Forget the french supermarkets who broke prices, these guys break our face with a loud and fuzzy pachydermic sound.

Avec ce premier LP "Brest Baywatch" Le Mamøøth commence fort et a décidé de ne pas passer inaperçu: 11 titres qui restent dans la tête, un Rock Garage tranchant et plein d'énergie, un peu de surf et de Pop sur les bords, juste ce qu'il faut ! Le tout livré sur vinyle, avec une pochette stylée d'estampe japonaise sur carton retourné, une production à la hauteur avec un enchaînement incroyable des titres, rarement vu de nos jours.
Le groupe brestois détient la bonne recette pour nous livrer des tubes !
********** SOLD OUT! ***********

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