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BEAST RDS 12'' / 33T
THE FLOORS "Beat It Down"
The Floors
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
THE FLOORS "Beat It Down" BR220

The Floors come from Perth, Australia.
Beat It Down was recorded over four days, direct to 8-track, in the studio of Dan Carroll (The Kill Devil Hills, Timothy Nelson), imbuing the album's 10 songs with an energy and authenticity that's as infectious as it is omnipresent.
The acclaimed trio of musos — guitarist Luke Dux, bassist Ryan Dux and drummer Ash Doodkorte — have made good on more than five years of gigging and growing together as artists to deliver a polished — but not too polished — collection of inward-looking, outwardly rockin' tunes jammed full of fiery riffs, powerful bass and relentless drum lines. It's straight-up delicious from top to tail.

The Madcaps Slow Down
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
THE MADCAPS "Slow Down" BR227

Hailing from Rennes, the mother city of French garage rock, The Madcaps play smart Rnb and wild Rock n Roll with catchy melodies and timeless grooves. After 3 years touring around Europe with 150 shows under the belt, The Madcaps are now a stage war machine. They’ll be on tour over Europe in 2017 to promote their brand new album Slow Down. To fans of the Kinks, Beatles, Ray Charles or Daptone productions, you would be sorely wrong to abstain.

Grab their previous releases here:
"Hot Sauce"
"The Madcaps"


12" vinyl LP / Shipping
MUSCLE "s/t" LP BR224

Ils s’appellent MUSCLE mais ils pourraient s’appeler Envie, tellement ces quatre musiciens venant de groupes marquants de la scène garage hexagonale (Dividers, Crank!, Gaz Gaz) s’investissent dans ce projet ambitieux, ludique et déjà foutrement maitrisé qu’ils ont baptisé de ce nom pioché au hasard dans un magazine de fitness.
Du garage il en est question, une chienne ne fait pas des chats et c’est dans leur ADN, mais dans le sud on apprécie les plats épicés: une pincée de pop, quelques gouttes de Lo-Fi et deux bonnes gousses de post-quelque chose, il ne reste plus qu’à servir avec un rosé frais, un Collioure de préférence.
Dans les milieux autorisés, les experts font référence à the Intelligence, sans aucun doute à cause du beat robotique de certains morceaux, mais fuck le visage intello, arty et froid des geeks de Seattle, on a affaire ici à du rock bouillant, passionné, énervé, faut pas faire chier, on s’appelle Muscle, bordel de merde!...
Une chose est certaine, ce groupe s’offre une multitude de possibilités d’ouverture, de palettes sonores, d’incursions dans des univers aussi étranges qu’aventureux, les idées foisonnent.
Muscle c’est pas de la gonflette…

RICHMOND SLUTS "60 Cycles of Love" LP
Richmond Sluts
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
RICHMOND SLUTS "60 Cycles of Love" LP BR219

The Richmond Sluts may hail from San Francisco, but their hearts are far off in New York City, and their heads are stuck in other decades entirely. It would be easy to laud the quartet as the best glam trash band since the New York Dolls, but that's merely a convenient launch pad from which the Richmond Sluts set off into their long awaited 2nd album. Since categorization is a necessity in this age of overspecification, punk rock will do nicely, but doesn't begin to encompass just how cleverly the group churns other genres through its blender. The Sluts connect the dots between '60s garage punk and old school '70s style, then toss just a dash of new school into the mix. Variations on this recipe reverberate across the album, and answer a slew of niggling questions along the way. Ever wonder what the Dolls would sound like covered by a psychedelic band? Kept up at night trying to imagine a cross between the Cramps and the Velvet Underground? Curious what the result would be if a time warp sent Richard Hell circa 1978 a decade into the past? And what if Eddie & the Hotrods were really the Ramones with English accents? The Richmond Sluts answer all these brain teasers and more you've yet to even imagine, and they do it without an ounce of pretentiousness or braggadocio. In fact, the Sluts lay down their songs with such insouciance that one's tempted to believe they are totally unaware of their own genius. And if this is the level of their debut, what treats await us next?

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks
12" vinyl LP / Shipping

CD / Shipping

Cash Savage is one of the most respected and talented songwriters in Melbourne. With her band The Last Drinks, she has forged a reputation for gritty, raw and Australiana-tinged storytelling. One of Us is the result of a “fucking awesome, but fucking hard” 2015 for Savage, using the experience to generate a broader scope for songwriting. There’s exploration of dichotomies and dualities, the songcraft emboldened by aural landscapes laid bare by The Last Drinks (Joe White, Rene Mancuso, Chris Lichti, Brett Marshall, Kat Mear).

Cash Savage & The Last Drinks
12" vinyl LP / Shipping

Cash Savage is one of the most respected and talented songwriters in Melbourne.
With her band The Last Drinks, she has forged a reputation for gritty, raw and Australiana-tinged storytelling.
Wolf is her first album, initially released on cd in 2010. Beast Records is proud to release this record on vinyl for a 300 limited hand-numbered run packed into a new artwork sleeve.
Get it before it’s too late!


HARRY HOWARD & THE NDE "Sleepless Girls" LP
Harry Howard & The NDE
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
HARRY HOWARD & THE NDE "Sleepless Girls" LP BR218

Harry Howard and the NDE's 3rd LP is their best LP ~ as infectious as their first release, even more varied and explorative than the second 'Sleepless Girls' is the culmination of everything good about the NDE and them some.
Harry's previous form includes These Immortal Souls, his rhythm section are none other than Dave Graney and Clare Moore (The Mystly, The Moodists) and his right hand woman is author/musician Edwina Preston (Moll Flanders Band).

CHICKEN SNAKE "Tombstone' n' Bones" LP
Chicken Snake
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
CHICKEN SNAKE "Tombstone' n' Bones" LP BR215

Back in New Orleans as of 2013, Chicken Snake is now a steady lineup of Jerry and Pauline Teel, Josh Lee Hooker and Jessica Melain.  They have just finished their fourth record, TOMBSTONE N BONES, which was recorded at The Chicken Coop in NOLA.  It tells the story of life, death, heartbreak, swamp mud, true love and the Devil bidding for you soul.

BED BUNKER "Delay Breeds Danger..." LP
Bed Bunker
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
BED BUNKER "Delay Breeds Danger..." LP BR223
Strong Come Ons 2
12" vinyl LP / Shipping

Here comes the 2nd STRONG COME-ONS album, simply called “2”! The band emerges from the ashes of the well-known DARE DARE DEVILS and CHEWBACCA ALL STARS and appears to be that kind of missing link between the OBLIVIANS and the CHROME CRANKS, no less!

SUN GOD REPLICA "Grandular Fever" LP
Sun God Replica
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
SUN GOD REPLICA "Grandular Fever" LP BR214

Sun God Replica have the pedigree of the talented Linsay McLennan taking up the role of chief songwriter, singer and guitar shredder. You might know him better as Link Meanie. Singer of the iconic Meanies. So now’s who’s in this lineup you may ask? Lochie Cavigan, he played on the last 2 Bakelite Age records with Link. Lochie is now classified as Links main wingman. Loch kills it on drums and rips out a great backing vocal at the same time. Then the killer balls to the floor bassman Lance Swagger rounds out Sun God Replica’s sound beautifully. Along with engineer Loki Lockwood they sweated over a hot mixing desk like alchemists over a cauldron and produced this 3rd LP "Grandular Fever".

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