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BEAST RDS 12'' / 33T
SOUTH FILTHY "Undertakin' Daddy" LP
South Filthy
South Filthy "Undertakin' Daddy" - BR087

Everyone agrees, South Filthy can do no wrong! When these good ole boys sat down together in Austin during South by Southwest back in 2003, the tunes just began to flow- resulting in an Austin/Memphis Roots Rock Soul Explosion! South Filthy features Walter Daniels (Jack O'Fire, Big Foot Chester), Msr.Jeffrey Evans (Gibson Bros., '68 Comeback), Jack Yarber (Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers), Rice Moorehead (Big Foot Chester) and Mike Buck (Fabulous Thunderbirds, Doug Sahm). “Undertakin’ Daddy” is their third album edited through a special handmade numbered & limited deluxe silkscreened sleeve.

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LADY JANE "In Pieno!" LP
Lady Jane
Vinyl / Shipping

Lady Jane "In Pieno!" - BR090

Lady Jane is a French band based in Rennes city, Brittany. “In Pieno!” is their second album through Beast Records and their music is still a kind of weird dirty psychedelic blues rock lost somewhere between the early Rolling Stones and the Gun Club. This album is rawest than their first release “The Youngest Was The Least Loved” and is still something like a fuzzy throbbing vicious psychedelic rock’n’roll blues.

The Double Agents
Vinyl / Shipping

The Double Agents
"Seemed To Be A Good Idea... At The Time"
- BR077

The Double Agents come from Melbourne and define their own stuff as “a gang-bang pregnancy where the Mama don't know if the Daddy is The Gun Club, The Stones or The Saints”. “Seemed Like A Good Idea… At The Time” was first released through the australian Infidelity Rds label and the vinyl version is out now through Beast Rds including an awesome cover bonus track: “Wasn’t Born Yesterday” from The Powder Monkeys. Dirty country blues with a shot of The Scientists dynamic.


Born In Flames

Born In Flames - BR070

These natural born rockers started to play each others in 2000 and called themselves BORN IN FLAMES in tribute to Elvis "His Latest Flame" and AC/DC "Shot Down In Flames". In 2001 & 2002, they got the beat, they got the songs. They played with Hellride, Electric Frankenstein, Iron Boss, Guitar Wolf, Psychopunch, Lords of The New Church, Murder City Devils... and many others. They fly in 2003 to Steveland (D4, Adam West, Go to Hell...), Norfolk, USA to record their 1st album (and play some gigs too) with Steve Baise from the legendary Devil Dogs (production, guitar, trumpets). You can add Freddy Lynxx (ex Jet Boys & Johnny Thunders & Jeff Dahl guitarist) & you got the dream "wanker" team.

Voir aussi l'album des Born In Flames en version CD.

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SixFtHick "On The Rocks" + "12 inch"
SixFtHick "On The Rocks" - BR080

Le dernier album des Australiens fous furieux de SixFtHick vient de paraître en vinyle sur Beast Records ! A noter qu'il s'agit d'une coproduction : Spooky Records a sorti la version CD tandis que Beast s'est chargé de l'édition en vinyle.
Après "Canetrash" (Spooky Rds) puis l'immanquable "12 inch" (Beast Rds, voir ci-dessous), les SixFtHick n'en finissent pas d'évoluer : "On The Rocks" propose une succession de titres aux refrains et aux riffs tous plus vicieux les uns que les autres....

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SixFtHick "12 inch" - BR075

Un 5 titres à écouter sans modération : une reprise exceptionnelle du "Hard For You" des Beasts Of Bourbon, une reprise de "The Feel" de X, sans oublier le "Nerve Quake" des Lubricated Goat,  des compos à tomber "The Plague", "Retirement Party".
Un album qu'il faut se procurer de toute urgence, la presse indépendante est unanime : l'intégralité de la discographie de SixFtHick est en passe de bouleverser à jamais l'histoire du rock'n'roll !

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