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CATL. "Bide My Time Until I Die" LP
12" Vinyl / Shipping
CATL. "Bide My Time Until I Die" LP BR249

‘Bide My Time Until I Die' features the Toronto duo slammin’ out 10 new bangers that capture both the simplicity, and the energy of their live shows.
Recorded over 3 different sessions, one in Memphis and two in Toronto, CATL. wanted to make a record that allowed each engineer to interpret the songs in their own way. Adam Hill at Sam Phillips Studio, Jeff McMurrich at Sonology, and Walter Sobczak at Revolution Recording had no idea what the other engineer was up to and were left alone to do their thing. Garage Rock legend Jim Diamond (of the now defunct Ghetto Recorders studio in Detroit) brought it all together in the mastering process, somewhere in France.

THE BRAVES "Carry On the Con" LP
The Braves
12" Vinyl / Shipping
THE BRAVES "Carry On the Con" LP BR252

From the opening track Hanging Church (feat Spencer P. Jones with a trademark solo) The Braves take you on a sonic ride that will convince you that they are on the up.
Formed late 2012 on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, The Braves came cutting through the surrounding noise to create a sound and a notoriety that is uniquely their own.
Starting with Djesse Bolte on bass and Kelly Watson on guitar, the two quickly found the drummer to suit in Ethan Leversha, the last outcast in town. With a mission statement fully in tact and the sound to follow The Braves started playing every opportunity they got from warehouse parties to backwash bars, artist collectives to the deserts and anarchist centres while building the ever-evolving mould of their music.
Their first album for Spooky Records 'All Through Paradise" was released in Feb 2017 and they're now gearing up to release their 3rd album 'Carry on the Con' on Beast Records. Touring Europe March / April 2018.

Chicken Diamond
12" vinyl / Shipping

CD Digipack / Shipping
CHICKEN DIAMOND "Skeleton Coast" LP / CD BR248

Chicken Diamond is the French lunatic that has already given us 4 albums of terrifying primal blues that sound like he is backed by the lost lords of rock’n’roll. This record takes the music away from that and creates something even more compelling. His vocal changes too, it’s not just that gargling gravel and petrol growl. He sings and even croons... The music has moved forward too, oh the blues are still there, and, trust me, they are just as harsh and demented as before. But there’s more in Skeleton Coast!

Dig his other records here:

Chicken Diamond first LP is here (sold out).
Chicken Diamond II is here.
Chicken Diamond "My Name is 'Charles' Chicken Diamond" (no more vinyls, CD still available)
Chicken Diamond "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" LP / CD

Midnight Scavengers


Revolving around singer/songwriters Johanna Brockman and her partner Dimitri Kucharzewski, Midnight Scavengers are a unique and compelling presence.
Situated between sinister violent beauty and volatile fragmented shyness, Johanna Brockman, once a member of James McCann’s Dirty Skirt Band, and The Brian Hooper Band (who opened for Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds on their 2009 Tour) met up with now partner in songs Dimitri Kucharzewski (Nikki Sudden’s Last Bandits, The Hollowmen) in Berlin in 2011 to create the core of what would become Midnight Scavengers.
After relocating to Melbourne in 2012, they grew to a five piece with the addition of Jeff Hooker (Brian Hooper’ s band, Kim Salmon, The Darling Downs) on bass, Tim O’Shannassy (MJ Halloran, Paradise Motel, Penny Ikinger) on drums, and Andrew Watson  (The Man Who Wasn’t There, Charlie Marshall) on violin and guitar. Midnight Scavengers have become an extremely well respected and recognized band, playing alongside legendary figures such as Spencer P. Jones, Kim Salmon, Hugo Race and Ron S. Peno among others.
12" vinyl / Shipping

Chatterbox is a French duet born from its passion for Flying Nuns and the Scottish C88 scene.
Their debut LP was recorded at Kerwax by Christophe Chavanon and here comes a raw and minimalist pop magnified by a delicate and ethereal female voice reminding of the ghosts of Young Marble Giant, The Vaselines or Rowland S. Howard.

12" vinyl / Shipping

Hummingbird is back with its 3rd release on Beast!

Dig their other records:
"Evil Glance" (sold out)
"Prisoner" (just a few vinyls and cds are still available)


Kaviar Special

12" vinyl / Shipping

Kaviar Special is not the name of the new operation mounted by Vladimir Putin to eliminate its competitors. Kaviar Special is rather the name of a band coming from Rennes, France, that has been swinging on the dirty garage scene since 2012. After a first album released in 2013 and a second one, # 2, released in 2016 via Howlin Banana and Beast Records, here comes the 3rd one, Vortex! This album is scrutinized by all rock'n'roll lovers, a bit like Codex Seraphinanus passionate about the Illuminati of extraterrestrial life. More pop than the previous ones, it contains some psychedelic jams Nuggets like as well as some Bubblegum to shame Britney Spears' cheewing gum. Take out your roller skates from the garage, Kaviar Special's boom begins!

BLACK BOYS ON MOPED "Love With a Little Bit of Noise" LP
Black Boys On Moped

BLACK BOYS ON MOPED "Love With a Little Bit of Noise" LP BR241

Fuzz guitars, beating drums, sweat and groove! Black Boys On Moped come from Rennes, France, and play fast and loud. Their garage rock smells oil, gas and beer.
Highly recommended to every fan of Jay Retard, Black Box Revelation and Bass Drum Of Death!

*********** SOLD OUT ***********

BUCK "Live" LP"

12" vinyl / Shipping
BUCK "Live" LP BR242

Two guys, bass, drums, heavy swampy blues-rock. A Dodge Charger boosted with amphetamines. A soundtrack that oozes sweat and testosterone. Primitive garage rock. The duo fronts blues rock as if they'd robb a bank: brutally, without concessions. Drums beated like a fairground punching ball, a bass (no guitar) that impels in Lemmy mode, a polished voice to the coarse emery cloth. Somewhere between Tom Waits, The Monsters and The Black Keys, Buck was born for the scene: freedom, spontaneity, efficiency.

SAPIN "Dark is The Night... On is The Party" LP

SAPIN "Dark is The Night... On is The Party" LP BR239

The third LP by French band Sapin, hailing from Rennes, contains 12 cuts of excellent country-garage. The style can be compared to f.i. Regal and Black Lips.

By the way, grab your copy of Smell of a Prick LP here, as well as Wrong Way digipack CD!

 *********** SOLD OUT **********

ESCOBAR "The Biggest Sound" LP
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
ESCOBAR "The Biggest Sound" LP BR243

Just one year after the release of their album "Bird of Prey", a rich year of touring, it is the release in Europe and the USA of their 3rd album "The Biggest Sound". We are proud to present ESCOBAR. It is a duet formed by Rémi (of Weird'Omen / Anomalys) and Charly (of the mythical band of the 90s The Bushmen / Daria). ESCOBAR rings the era of the return of Lo-Fi, the Grunge !!!
"Wild and frenetic on stage, swing a punk electrified grunge garage and songs that remain in the head".
In any case, experts in the field, Heatwave, Mowno or even Still In Rock agree that the band has experience of its influences and rewards to the minimalist, minimalist, a Rock'n'Roll Without concession and without plagiarism!

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