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PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE 'The Boundless Expanse' LP/CD
Pete Ross and The Sapphire
12" LP vinyl / Shipping

CD / Shipping
PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE 'The Boundless Expanse' LP/CD BR175

New album 'The Boundless Expanse' from elegant folk rock group Pete Ross & The Sapphire (AUS/NZ) takes you to the outer reaches of your consciousness in order to find the edge of the bubblein which we exist.
Containing 8 tracks that intertwine and resemble a unified whole, the album is an authentic, dynamic and definitive 40 minute blast transcending life, the struggle of existence and the essential lonlieness of the human condition.
Recorded on analogue tape at La Sauna Studio in the north of Italy, Pete Ross & The Sapphire have stepped away from previous influences and explored a style of music creation somewhat lost in the modern world.

Shifting Sands
12" LP vinyl / Shipping

Consisting of Geoff Corbett (SixFtHick, The Tremors), Dylan McCormack (Gentle Ben & his Sensitive Side, David McCormack & the Polaroids), Anna Clifford, Dan Baebler (SixFtHick, Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side) and Alex Dunlop (Keep On Dancin's) Shifting Sands will harsh out your mellow. Or something. Benders, near death experiences, actual death experiences and unrequited lust are the sounds and focuses of Brisbane's Shifting Sands.

**** BACK IN STOCK! ****


Digipack CD / Shipping
SLIM WILD BOAR & His Forsaken Shadow 's/t' LP BR169

A dark folk blues sprinkled with western and rockabilly shards that claims its roots and defends its handyman craft roots. Tunes that might be drawn from the depths of the United States and performed by nuts who would maintain an ancient tradition with a lot of tormented voice, bright guitars and twilight ballads…

******** NO MORE VINYLS / CDs STILL AVAILABLE **********

HITS "Hikikomori" LP
HITS Hikikomori

CD / Shipping
HITS "Hikikomori" LP BR157

HITS are a Rock and Roll band from Brisbane Australia and they DO NOT FUCK AROUND!! They have just released their second album ‘HIKIKOMORI’ through BEAST RECORDS (Europe) and CONQUEST OF NOISE (Australia).
Produced by ROB YOUNGER (Radio Birdman / New Christs) and mastered by DON BARTLEY (He mastered The Beatles for fucks sake!).
This is the much anticipated follow up to the widely and critically acclaimed ‘LIVING WITH YOU IS KILLING ME’ album, the release through MERENOISE RECORDS (soon to be reissued on BEAST) saw the band tour Australia more times than they can remember and eventually led to signing a European deal with BEAST RECORDS (France) to release the ‘TAKE YOUR PILLS’ EP (5/5 I-94 BAR) and do a successful 22 date tour of The Netherlands, Belgium and France in 2012.

********** NO MORE VINYLS / CDs still available *************

BURN IN HELL "Monkey Bones" LP
Burn In Hell
12" vinyl gatefold LP / Shipping
BURN IN HELL "Monkey Bones" LP BR170

Burn In Hell have wreaked havoc throughout Australia and Europe over the last 3 years, setting an abundant appetite for their sensual, grinding rhythms & gravelly vocals. Pirate music it ain’t, though some timbers are shivered and sails are hoisted, a more apt portrayal may be a stygian primordial belch, the type of music the devil would relish had he a lust for dance, a lyrical ear, a penchant for sardonic wit and a drum beat his minions would weep for. Think swampy cabaret with a gypsy attitude, dirty gut-bucket blues and call and response field hollers. Then think again…

RON S. PENO and The Superstitions "Anywhere and Everything is Bright" LP
12" LP vinyl / Shipping
RON S. PENO & THE SUPERSTITIONS "Anywhere and Everything is Bright" LP BR168

The new album from Ron S. Peno and The Superstitions. Check out the slow burn of The Other Side and Destination Unknown, which lead into the incendiary, chaotic Myself In Thee, followed by the menacing Feels So Cold. These are songs that seduce and beguile, culminating in the grand closing cut, Call Your Name (To Say Goodbye).

HARLAN T. BOBO "Too Much Love" LP
Harlan T. Bobo Too Much Love
12" LP vinyl / Shipping
HARLAN T. BOBO "Too Much Love" LP BR164

Beast Records are so proud to re-release the long time sold out “Too Much Love” LP initialy edited by Goner Records!
Memphis artist and musician HARLAN T. BOBO (VIVA L'AMERICAN DEATH RAY MUSIC) delivers a grinding new album of swamp-fired soul. Backed by members of THE REIGNING SOUND FUCK and VLADRM and recorded at Easley McCain Studio, Too Much Love is already being hailed as the best Memphis record of the last five years by the city's Memphis Flyer. Find out for your own self.

LA BASTARD "Ooh La La Bastard" LP
La Bastard LP
CD / Shipping
LA BASTARD "Ooh La La Bastard" LP BR165

Picture Nancy Sinatra jamming with Dick Dale and the Gun Club at the best party of the year. If you can conjure up such an exciting and eclectic mix of 50′s rock ‘n roll, 60′s surf and 80′s punk attitude, you’re getting close to the sound of Melbourne, Australia four-piece La Bastard.


The CD is available here.

Lilith Lane Pilgrim LP
12" LP vinyl / Shipping
LILITH LANE "Pilgrim" LP BR146

A mix of raucous garage blues, twisted spaghetti balladry and international flavour, Pilgrim, Lilith Lane’s third solo album, is now available through Beast Records!
Mixed by Mike Mariconda (RAUNCH HANDS, COSMIC PSYCHOS, DEVIL DOGS, NINE POUND HAMMER, POWDER MONKEYS, NEW BOMB TURKS), this album is the perfect deal for the fans of Peggy Lee, Detroit Cobras, Tav Falco and His Panther Burns…

The digipack CD is available here.

GO!ZILLA "Magic Weird Jack" 12" EP
Go!Zilla Magic Weird Jack
GO!ZILLA "Magic Weird Jack" 12" EP BR161

Fiorentini band Go!Zilla are bringing their very own dirty, psychedelic acid to the forefront of underground music, corrupting many minds with their wondrous interchangeable sound. Hailing from italy, this three-piece has notoriously become one of a kind, completing a whopping 200 (or more) shows just in their short time together!
“Magic Weird Jack” is now available on Beast Records!
300 vinyls only! Grab your copy as soon as you can!

********* SOLD OUT *********

CHICKEN SNAKE "Unholy Rollers" LP
Chicken Snake Unholly Rollers
12" LP vinyl / Shipping
CHICKEN SNAKE "Unholy Rollers" LP BR158

“Unholy Rollers” is the 3rd vinyl LP out on Beast Records from this dirty swamp blues from New Orleans that is CHICKEN SNAKE! Remember CHICKEN SNAKE super line-up : JERRY TEEL (CHROME CRANKS, HONEYMOON KILLERS, BOSS HOG, KNOXVILLE GIRL... just to name a few...) and his wife PAULINE OWEN-TEEL, NICHOLAS RAY (VLADRM, Limes, Golden Trangle…), DANNY HOLE (WARLOCKS, NIKKI SUDDEN, KID CONGO…) and JOSH LEE HOOKER (LUXURIOUS FAUX FURS). No doubt: CHICKEN SNAKE can do no wrong!

Check "Lucky Hand" (first CHICKEN SNAKE album) here.
"Trouble on My Doorstep" (2nd CHICKEN SNAKE album) is available here (be warned: only a few copies left...).

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