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DIRTY DEEP 'Shotgun Wedding' LP
Dirty Deep
DIRTY DEEP 'Shotgun Wedding' LP BR178

Dirty Deep, a one man band from France, roams through the blue grass territory traditionally found south of the US border, with gnarled electric guitar, stomp box and harmonica in full evidence and… not a lot else. “Shotgun Wedding” is a gritty release that should ideally be heard in company, with a stack of beers and smokes close to hand – it’s just that sort of record. Simple and to the point, Dirty Deep gets at the spirit of rock and roll and makes us face the terrors of a forgotten world.

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GO!ZILLA 'Sinking in Your Sea' Gatefold LP

GO!ZILLA 'Sinking in Your Sea' Gatefold LP BR181

After the EP “Magic Weird Jack” Fiorentini band Go!Zilla are back on Beast Records with their very own dirty, psychedelic acid sounds for a 10 track LP “Sinking in the Sea”. Hailing from Italy, this three-piece band is about to spread the world!

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DIVIDERS 'Fourwalls Farewell' LP
12" LP vinyl / Shipping
DIVIDERS 'Fourwalls Farewell' LP BR184

"I do folk..." as Bowie once said to his buddy Bolan.
Folk of course, but a settled folk, that the Spiders from Mars quickly turned into an enjoyable and epicurean rock 'n' roll. Dividers adopted the same approach.
With Turbo, Lo 'Spider, Jeremy Pirates and Pierre Pacific, Ismael has managed to put together a quartet that finds inspiration in classic Americana songs, twisting them into a warped and deafening antifolk. Traumatized by Lee Hazlewood, Gun Club, Marc Bolan and Violent Femmes, Dividers speed up and purify these folk melodies. Their melancholic songwritting and nonchalant voice intertwine with Fuzz's howlings and the powerful rhythm section.
Dividers have no frame. Dividers are not supported by any artifice. Dividers never follow any trend or fashion. They naturally disseminate melodies written on winter evenings, and arranged with an energy that would be the envy of many rock'n'roll bands.

Shake It Like A Caveman
12" LP vinyl / Shipping
SHAKE IT LIKE A CAVEMAN 'Digital Football' LP BR174

Shake It Like A Caveman is  no stranger to the highway. He’s a one man band dance party from Tennessee, thrusting somewhere between poolside film scores and early American work songs. Sonic and Visual dynamite that makes you move that thang.

CANYON SPREE 'Garden of Evil' LP
Canyon Spree
CANYON SPREE 'Garden of Evil' LP BR183

Canyon Spree is a Berlin-based four piece sometimes referred to as psychedelic, occult garage, western movie soundtrack or, interestingly enough, medieval surf. Their music thrives on myths and images, a closed-eyed cinematic escape from the dry plains of Terrence Malick's Badlands to the Transylvanian mountains, burrowing through hostile forests and cyclops' cave. The band's sound combines melodic hooks, raw and bright guitar tones drenched with reverb and echo.

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The Madcaps

Unhinged, deranged, completely mad garage savages, The Madcaps, from Rennes, in western France, are pedlars of fast-paced adolescent punk, held together with tight beats and wrapped up in fuzzy guitar. But more than this, they know how to be suave - side-stepping comfortably, these assured groovologists know how to ladle up the smooth mid-tempo, the warm round bass lines having one sole and unique purpose: inducing longitudinal motion in the listeners' hips.
Out on the 30th of March on Beast and Howlin Banana Records!

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HITS 'Living With You is Killing Me' LP re-issue
HITS 'Living With You is Killing Me' LP re-issue BR171

We are so proud to announce that we (along with Merenoise in Australia*) are currently re-pressing this gem of a record on vinyl - HITS: Living With You is Killing Me. There are a very limited number of copies, so all of you on our mailing list are hopefully getting a bit of a heads up. The tracks have been re-mastered and the artwork updated as a gatefold cover. Choose from tasty 180 gram vinyl or sweet red flavour. This will sell out quick!

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HIPBONE SLIM & THE CROWNTOPPERS 'The Hair Raising Sounds of...' LP
Hipbone Slim & The Crowntoppers
12" LP vinyl / Shipping

CD / Shipping
HIPBONE SLIM & THE CROWNTOPPERS 'The Hair Raising Sounds of...' LP BR180

This is a rock’n’roll record! This is a rhythm’n’blues record! It features twelve songs to drink, yell and dance to! It features the renowned musical combination HIPBONE SLIM & THE KNEETREMBLERS augmented by Mr. SPENCER EVOY of MFC CHICKEN on saxophones and Mr. SLIM CYDER of no fixed musical abode on piano and organ. Together they are the CROWN-TOPPERS!

COLD COLD BLOOD 'From Mud To Blood' LP / CD
Cold Cold Blood
COLD COLD BLOOD 'From Mud To Blood' LP / CD BR185

Cold Cold Blood
is the side-project of Fabien, aka I Am A Band (and Lost Communists). Tired of being on his own, he's decided to hit the road with a smart double bass and drums rhythmic section. Cold Cold Blood widens the universe of I Am a Band, through dark, muddy and electric atmospheres. The band's name at the same time refers to Hank Williams' « Cold Cold Heart » and also Truman Capote's famous non-fiction book, « In Cold Blood ».

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RHINOSONICS 'Hard, Fast, Loud' LP
12" LP vinyl / Shipping
RHINOSONICS 'Hard, Fast, Loud' LP BR179

If the Rhinosonics sound like the best high energy aussie bands, the fact is that they’re from Paris, France. And if they know how to play ‘hard, fast, loud’, they don’t forget to slow down to play perfect kick ass folk murder ballads (listen below to “Broken Down” to get an idea).

PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE 'The Boundless Expanse' LP/CD
Pete Ross and The Sapphire
12" LP vinyl / Shipping

CD / Shipping
PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE 'The Boundless Expanse' LP/CD BR175

New album 'The Boundless Expanse' from elegant folk rock group Pete Ross & The Sapphire (AUS/NZ) takes you to the outer reaches of your consciousness in order to find the edge of the bubblein which we exist.
Containing 8 tracks that intertwine and resemble a unified whole, the album is an authentic, dynamic and definitive 40 minute blast transcending life, the struggle of existence and the essential lonlieness of the human condition.
Recorded on analogue tape at La Sauna Studio in the north of Italy, Pete Ross & The Sapphire have stepped away from previous influences and explored a style of music creation somewhat lost in the modern world.

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