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Some weep workforce reductions, even when it comes to go to the essentials. This 2 headed UFO which is Escobar could make them lie. Between the ecstatic rock'n'roll guitar/voice one the right and the suddenly chilled sword right down in the back by its rhythmic pairs, Escobar drift among several gambling dens in the pay of Suicide or that of Jack White ... Tradition of the two man band shaken by a fateful mechanics, rock'n'roll legacy vinified vitriolic, Escobar is a pirate galleon, operating in cold waters, a two-headed Cerberus, still bloodied by the feast of the useless third.


Last Updated ( Monday, 04 April 2016 )
GIL RIOT 'Felicity Road' CD
Gil Riot
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GIL RIOT 'Felicity Road' CD BR173CD

The living legend Gil Riot (Orville Brody & Goodfellas solo guitar, Casse Pipe, Swing Bazar, Rio Cinema Orchestra...) comes with a brand new solo album which is going to make Steve Earle, Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt fans more than happy!

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 February 2015 )
PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE 'The Boundless Expanse' LP/CD
Pete Ross and The Sapphire
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PETE ROSS & THE SAPPHIRE 'The Boundless Expanse' LP/CD BR175

New album 'The Boundless Expanse' from elegant folk rock group Pete Ross & The Sapphire (AUS/NZ) takes you to the outer reaches of your consciousness in order to find the edge of the bubblein which we exist.
Containing 8 tracks that intertwine and resemble a unified whole, the album is an authentic, dynamic and definitive 40 minute blast transcending life, the struggle of existence and the essential lonlieness of the human condition.
Recorded on analogue tape at La Sauna Studio in the north of Italy, Pete Ross & The Sapphire have stepped away from previous influences and explored a style of music creation somewhat lost in the modern world.

Last Updated ( Monday, 27 June 2016 )
Slim Wild Boar and Hi Forsaken Shadow
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SLIM WILD BOAR & His Forsaken Shadow 's/t' LP BR169

A dark folk blues sprinkled with western and rockabilly shards that claims its roots and defends its handyman craft roots. Tunes that might be drawn from the depths of the United States and performed by nuts who would maintain an ancient tradition with a lot of tormented voice, bright guitars and twilight ballads…

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 February 2015 )
HITS "Hikikomori" CD
HITS Hikikomori
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HITS "Hikikomori" CD BR157

HITS are a Rock and Roll band from Brisbane Australia and they DO NOT FUCK AROUND!! They have just released their second album ‘HIKIKOMORI’ through BEAST RECORDS (Europe) and CONQUEST OF NOISE (Australia).
Produced by ROB YOUNGER (Radio Birdman / New Christs) and mastered by DON BARTLEY (He mastered The Beatles for fucks sake!).
This is the much anticipated follow up to the widely and critically acclaimed ‘LIVING WITH YOU IS KILLING ME’ album, the release through MERENOISE RECORDS (soon to be reissued on BEAST) saw the band tour Australia more times than they can remember and eventually led to signing a European deal with BEAST RECORDS (France) to release the ‘TAKE YOUR PILLS’ EP (5/5 I-94 BAR) and do a successful 22 date tour of The Netherlands, Belgium and France in 2012.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 30 August 2015 )
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