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BURN IN HELL "Dr Awkward" CD
Burn In Hell
BURN IN HELL Dr Awkward     CD   BR124

New album out on Beast Records!
Demented piano, junkyard beats and gravel gargling voice,
from industrial era carnival to cabaret, from Chopin to chaos, docking all ports between.
Burn in hell - explain nothing and tell it like it isn’t.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 06 December 2013 )
SLIM WILD BOAR "Tales From The Wrong Side Of Town" Digipack CD
Slim Wild Boar Tales From The Wrong Side Of Town
SLIM WILD BOAR & His Forsaken Shadow "Tales From The Wrong Side Of Town"  BR125

Murder ballads a go go...
Recorded by Nene from the Movie Star Junkies at Inside Outside studio...
Sleeve artwork by JL Navette...
No need to explain that this album is a masterpiece.

A must have record produced by Kizmiaz and Beast Records.

***********SOLD OUT **********
Last Updated ( Monday, 21 December 2015 )
SLIM WILD BOAR "Water On A Dirty Ground" CD
Slim Wild Boar & His Forsaken Shadow
CD / Shipping
SLIM WILD BOAR & His Forsaken Shadow
"Water On A Dirty Ground" CD-BR101

The Slim Wild Boar comes from Rennes, Brittany, and he already has a few records out on USA labels (Dirty Ugly Records, Devil's Ruin Records).
His new full album comes on Beast Records and we're proud about that because this one man band (two men band in fact: the boar plays with his shadow) delivers a great and deep-dark country-folk-blues the Beast is fond of.
It's out and available now!

Click the picture to listen to some tunes.

Last Updated ( Monday, 21 November 2011 )
Shake It Like A Caveman "When You Smile I See Your Fangs" - BR100

Shake It Like A Caveman is a one man band coming from Nashville, Tennessee possessing a crazy energy, unique style and raw lyrics.
This album captures him live!

****** SOLD OUT / EPUISE ******

Last Updated ( Monday, 28 November 2016 )
LADY JANE "The Youngest Was..." CD
Lady Jane
CD / Shipping
Lady Jane "The Youngest Was The Least Loved" - BR083

The brand new Lady Jane CD album is now available ! Haunted slide guitars a go-go for a real rock'n'roll freak fest. Highly recommended to the early Rolling Stones, Gun Club and Sixteen Horse Power fans.

Last Updated ( Monday, 21 November 2011 )
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