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Kaviar Special
12" LP vinyl / Shipping

Kaviar Special it's an album hailed by the press in 2013, an EP in the summer of 2015 and an avalanche of live performances.
Since their first album, the quartet from Rennes (France) has gone upmarket: 4 European tours, a notable performance at Rennes Transmusicales allowed the group to settle permanently as one of the top of the list of the increasingly dynamic French rock Garage scene.
Very wisely illustrated by Belgian Elzo Durt, this new album simply titled #2 and recorded in Cocoon studio in Rennes turned a corner by taking a richer and more controlled production. The group reveals more varied influences and makes a large gap between unbridled pop, nervous garage rock and brutal dark psychedelia. Fuzz invasion, surf guitars, reverberated and danceable mid-tempo tunes, the perfect mix!

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