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CHICKEN SNAKE "Tombstone' n' Bones" LP
Chicken Snake
12" vinyl LP / Shipping
CHICKEN SNAKE "Tombstone' n' Bones" LP BR215

Back in New Orleans as of 2013, Chicken Snake is now a steady lineup of Jerry and Pauline Teel, Josh Lee Hooker and Jessica Melain.  They have just finished their fourth record, TOMBSTONE N BONES, which was recorded at The Chicken Coop in NOLA.  It tells the story of life, death, heartbreak, swamp mud, true love and the Devil bidding for you soul.

Check "Lucky Hand" (first CHICKEN SNAKE album) here (SOLD OUT).
"Trouble on My Doorstep" (2nd CHICKEN SNAKE album) is available here (be warned: only a few copies left...).
"Unholy Rollers" (3rd CHICKEN SNAKE album) available here.

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