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The Skeptics
12" vinyl LP / Shipping

Though the first (solo) recordings were done in 2008, the Skeptics started playing live shows in June 2011. They are now celebrating their six years as a band with their new self-titled record, and fourth album, out on Beast and Juvenile Delinquent Records. The nine tracks filling the gap between ‘Fuzz Punk’ and ‘Heavy Garage’ have come a long way from the Revival kind of sound of their first efforts. The overall sound here is more contemporary, with the bass heavier and the fuzz thicker. This LP, recorded by none other than the master, Lo’ Spider, and housed in a sleeve designed by Hélène Jeudy will please both the Spits’ fanatics and the early-Dead Meadow lovers.

Si les premiers enregistrements (en solo) datent de 2008, c’est en juin 2011 qu’ont lieu les premiers concerts des Skeptics, ils célèbrent donc leur sixième anniversaire avec la sortie de ce nouvel album éponyme, le quatrième, chez Beast et Juvenile Delinquent Records. Neuf titres entre ‘Fuzz Punk’ et ‘Heavy Garage’ assez éloignés du son typiquement Revival des débuts. L’approche est plus contemporaine, la basse est plus présente, la Fuzz toujours aussi imposante, et puisqu’il est de bon ton de faire des comparaisons, ce disque enregistré chez le maître Lo’ Spider et emballé par Hélène Jeudy satisfera aussi bien les fanatiques des Spits que les amoureux du early Dead Meadow.


"The one, two punch of Manga-esque album art and the presence of a Ramones cover ending the track listing had me initially guessing I would be dropping the needle on another overly typical pop punk release, a la the Apers. Very pleasantly surprised to be hypnotized by a lengthy opening salvo of navel-gazing fuzz guitar freakout, followed by hook-filled Cro-Magnon garage stomp. The sound of the smell of old leather, dirty shoes, and hangover sweat. But it’s a wine hangover. Cause Skeptics are from France. Spits fans take note."
Matt Seward / http://razorcake.org
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