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Kaviar Special

12" vinyl / Shipping

Kaviar Special is not the name of the new operation mounted by Vladimir Putin to eliminate its competitors. Kaviar Special is rather the name of a band coming from Rennes, France, that has been swinging on the dirty garage scene since 2012. After a first album released in 2013 and a second one, # 2, released in 2016 via Howlin Banana and Beast Records, here comes the 3rd one, Vortex! This album is scrutinized by all rock'n'roll lovers, a bit like Codex Seraphinanus passionate about the Illuminati of extraterrestrial life. More pop than the previous ones, it contains some psychedelic jams Nuggets like as well as some Bubblegum to shame Britney Spears' cheewing gum. Take out your roller skates from the garage, Kaviar Special's boom begins!


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