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Midnight Scavengers
12" vinyl / Shipping

Revolving around singer/songwriters Johanna Brockman and her partner Dimitri Kucharzewski, Midnight Scavengers are a unique and compelling presence.
Situated between sinister violent beauty and volatile fragmented shyness, Johanna Brockman, once a member of James McCann’s Dirty Skirt Band, and The Brian Hooper Band (who opened for Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds on their 2009 Tour) met up with now partner in songs Dimitri Kucharzewski (Nikki Sudden’s Last Bandits, The Hollowmen) in Berlin in 2011 to create the core of what would become Midnight Scavengers.
After relocating to Melbourne in 2012, they grew to a five piece with the addition of Jeff Hooker (Brian Hooper’ s band, Kim Salmon, The Darling Downs) on bass, Tim O’Shannassy (MJ Halloran, Paradise Motel, Penny Ikinger) on drums, and Andrew Watson  (The Man Who Wasn’t There, Charlie Marshall) on violin and guitar. Midnight Scavengers have become an extremely well respected and recognized band, playing alongside legendary figures such as Spencer P. Jones, Kim Salmon, Hugo Race and Ron S. Peno among others.
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