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Mr AIRPLANE MAN "Jacaranda Blue" LP
Mr Airplane Man
12" LP Vinyl / Shipping
Mr AIRPLANE MAN "Jacaranda Blue" LP BR258 Exclusive European Release!

After a 13-year break from the road, the legendary two-woman garage Blues combo MR. AIRPLANE MAN is back with their sexiest, most sublime, soul-bending grooves yet brand new long-player, JACARANDA BLUE.

Recorded in a magical shack right on the beach north of San Francisco JACARANDA BLUE is full of ocean California sunshine and MR. AIRPLANE MAN's unique dark sounds. The first song explodes on the A-side with the crackling ALAN VEGA slash JOHN LEE HOOKER inspired freak-out of Blues and lust "I'm In Love" and weaves through MORPHINE-ish atmospheres, swampy DR. JOHN type hoodoo, dark JESSE MAE HEMPHILL inspired trance Blues and dance floor Soul rockers.

Deep Blues and garage Punk fans will delight in this latest adult dose of sex and magic conjured from earthly rhythms and ethereal desire. MR. AIRPLANE MAN is back, and more powerful than ever before.

Available in the USA on Sympathy For The Record Industry, Beast Records make “Jacaranda Blue” available for Europe. The album comes with a different sleeve as well as a slightly different tracklisting.

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