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Chicken Snake

Chicken Snake is the new JERRY TEEL (Honeymoon Killers, Boss Hog, The Chrome Cranks, Knoxville Girls, Little Porkchop, Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers) and PAULINE OWENS-TEEL (Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers) project.
500 copies only.

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"Le nouveau projet de Jerry Teel (ex-Honeymoon Killers, Chrome Cranks…) et de sa compagne Pauline s’appelle Chiken Snake, titre phare de son précédent opus sorti sur Bang ! rcds avec ses Big City Stompers. Entouré de pistoleros peu fréquentables aux méfaits incontestables : Nicholas Ray (VLADRM, Limes, Golden Trangle…), Danny Hole (Warlocks, Nikki Sudden, Kid Congo…) et Josh Lee Hooker (Headless Hookers), les Chiken Snake revisitent les villes désertées où la nature reprend ses droits. Entre asphalt blues et country « Black stabbin blues », « Trouble in your mind » et « Coat tail blues », folk à la Walkabouts “Neck deep in shallow water”, trip urbain angoissant “Moonshine baby” ou délire psyhé à l’American Death Ray “N.Rampart St blues”, le groupe oscille entre les Knoxville Girls, South Filthy et Tav Falco. Jerry Teel n’a toujours pas choisi entre Memphis et New York, son Suicide organique n’est pas pour nous déplaire."


"Raspy, smoke-scorned, dustbowl-distorto slides up barbed-wire frets highlight this Jerry Teel-led moonshine county carnival of souls. Kinda makes you wish Mick Taylor had reversed the pick-up for a load of coal. I've always found Teel's projects interesting. The Honeymoon Killers gave an avalanche of bulk at the White Dot once. I saw Chrome Cranks open for Kim Salmon! But harp-blowing, hiccup power-trio bluesbusters back up Mr. Teel and wife Pauline's ghoulish chuck-wagon chalky chirps like divine horsemen driven deadwood out for the long haul.
On songs like "Punjabi Jack," the excellent use of a crumpled hymnal here and there provides the perfect theme song for an arm wrestling competition, while "Neck Deep in Shallow Water" has that "set-the-table-Jesus-I'm-coming-home-to-eat" nostalgic grab-bag of blues and gospel groans swung way low.
Others have tried the Boxcar Willie sonic noise routine, but this is more Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Haywire Mac slaw-dog sinful. I swear, "N. Rampart St. Blues" has that Appalachian wellwater vibe of "White Light, White Heat." This ain't no rockabilly roller-boogie but honest to goodness cream-curd country blues with howling harp on the griddle. Mutual moleskin mixture has the him-and-her duets throughout, making this Teel's most conceptual breakthrough yet."

David T. Lindsay, www.stompandstammer.com

"Chicken Snake es el proyecto del músico y productor Jerry Teel (Honeymoon Killers, Boss Hog, The Chrome Cranks, Knoxville Girls, Little Porkchop, Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers) y su mujer Pauline Owens-Teel (Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers) que suele escribir las canciones sobre amor, desamor y murder ballads. Se formaron en la primavera de 2009 en Brooklyn y a mediados de este año lanzaron su debut con la colaboración de Josh Lee Hooker ( Headless Hookers ), Jack Martin ( Knoxville Girls, Little Porkchop, Pink Moneybirds, Dimestore Dance Band, Cause For Applause ), Nicholas Ray ( 68 Comeback, VivaL’AmericanDeathRayMusic, April March, Hundred Eyes, Limes, Golden Triangle ) y Danny Hole (Smallstone,Warlocks,Nikki Sudden, Kid Congo & the Pink Monkeybirds,Silver Rockets ) con la colaboración especial de Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Chrome Cranks) a la batería. Han estado girando durante estos meses por Estados Unidos como teloneros de The Gories o Heavy Trash para que os hagáis una idea de la escena en la que se ven envueltos. Sonidos blueseros del sur con la acidez del whiskey que machaca tu estómago y recuerda viejos fantasmas. No son tan oscuros ni tan folkies como Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs ni tan directos y electrizantes como los White Stripes, mejor comprobadlo vosotros mismos con Lucky Hand editado por Beast Records sólo disponible en vinilo y de edición limitada de 500 copias."

Inma, rated-muzik.com

"You probably know that we like our blues all smudged and dirty and it don't come much filthier than Chicken Snake. Hailing from the Manhattan Delta and home to Jerry Teel (Honeymoon Killers, Boss Hog, The Chrome Cranks, Knoxville Girls, Little Porkchop, Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers ) and his songwriting partner/ wife Pauline Owens-Teel, they've been messin' with heads since 2009.
"Lucky Hand" is the debut album and it's said to have sprung from the Teels' loins after an extended stay in N'Orleans. Swamp rock is a term that's over used to the point of abuse but it's almost adequate to describe what Chicken Snake plays. That said, they haven't abandoned the grim back blocks of New York City (what's left of 'em) - the extended "Trouble In Your Mind" is more "Sister Ray" than "Dust My Broom" with waves of squawling guitar, a grinding rythm and sheets of feedback.
Side one of the LP was recorded at Ocropolis Studio in Brooklyn and has a dense and very live feel. Side two sounds cleaner and more dry. Pick what you prefer, they're both great. Side two's lead track, "Coat Tail Blues", is country-rock with a keen guitar edge, while "Moonshine Blues" is a shuffling duet with Jerry Teel's wheezy harmonica fitting just right.
There's more to Chicken Snake than Mr and Mrs Teel, however, and the band comes into its own on "Hand Me Down Some Snake Skin Shoes", locking in like Dylan's ensemble on "Highway 61 Revisited". This is good juju. How can you go past a swamp blues band with a guitarist called Josh Lee Hooker? Guest Jack Martin adds switchblade slide on half a dozen tracks and ex Sonic Youth drummer Bob Bert plays on three.
Not a lot more to say except that it's on vinyl on French label Beast Records and there's a newie called "Trouble On My Doorstep"coming down the turnpike. Oh, and you should own a copy.It's procurable through any good European online shop or directly from the label which is why we put the URL in the headings."

The Barman, www.i94bar.com
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